Financial Legal Advice & International Projects Specialist

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  Milano      1/27/2020


Area, Function and Job

The resource will join the Financial Legal Advice & International Projects Team within the Corporate Affairs & Financial Legal Advice Unit in the Legal & Corporate Affairs Department with the following tasks:

- providing legal support and advice in relation to extraordinary transactions of any kind and projects, including those international, to implement new products/services/markets, and liaising with the internal departments;
- providing assistance and advice to the Bank's top management and to the departments involved in financial and investment services by means of:
- written opinions or answers to questions on legal issues or legislative interpretation in the area of competence;
- preparation and amendment of contracts with retail and institutional customers on financial services and products, taking into account the applicable regulations, interpretations provided by the Competent Authority or opinions expressed by the relevant trade associations and the compliance department;
- revision/negotiation of international financial contracts with market counterparties and/or related to the provision of services to customers, or for derivative transactions (ISDA), repurchase agreements (GMRA), securities lending (GMSLA) and other similar activities carried out by the Bank;
- review of the legal opinions issued by trade associations and/or by law firms in relation to certain types of financial instruments/services to meet the requirements of the applicable regulations (e.g. CRR);
- drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements with strategic partners such as issuers of financial instruments and products (e.g. confidentiality agreements and memorandum of understanding, placement agreements/distribution agreements for financial products).


- excellent knowledge of civil law and regulations in the financial sector (with particular focus on financial products);
- knowledge of the functioning of financial markets and types of financial instruments;
- English mother tongue or excellent English;
- previous experience of at least 1 year in the banking/financial sector;
- strong orientation towards results and problem solving mind, dynamic and proactive personality with excellent organizational skills, great flexibility, marked attitude to teamwork, positive interaction with the colleagues.
- Degree in Law
- At least 2 years of experience in the field.


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Degree with Honours